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 Our young people today face tremendous pressure to use drugs and live in a world where drug use is too often seen as an acceptable part of growing up. 

Community leaders want to prevent drug abuse and ensure a healthy, promising future for our young people.

American People Against Drugs has joined with several community organizations, concerned parents, and citizens in organizing a drug-free community involving residents of a particular town, city, or neighborhood coming together to plan activities and events that are drug-free. There are many ways you can help start or support a drug-free community in your area. Creating and supporting drug-free communities is important because it sends the message that substance abuse isn’t accepted by people there.

Community involvement is important for combating substance abuse. When you give back to your

community, you will feel good about yourself and become more connected with others. You may be passionate about contributing to a cause but unsure where to begin. Fortunately, there are many opportunities for involving yourself in your local community and making it the best place it can be. Read on to learn about the importance of drug-free communities, how you can help create one, and how you can support one that already exists in your area.

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