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American people against drugs is a nonprofit organization that offers effective youth strategies to reduce substance abuse in their homes, schools, and community. Our programs are research-based curriculums designed to empower our youth and give hope to what sometimes may seem hopeless situations. We focus our research on the ability to live healthier lives and encourage parents to communicate with their children effectively about the dangers of doing drugs and peer pressure.

American people against drugs were founded in 1989 by Larry Swanson, Gary Stevens, and Don Wainright. Their devotion as concerned citizens tired of watching the buck gets passed. They decided to join forces and make a positive difference in the lives of thousands of potential drug abusers. Since the program's inception, many challenges for funding have overshadowed the organization’s mission. National crises and pandemics have swept the need for drug abuse prevention under the rug.

American people against drugs rally back in 2022 to fight a new and more sinister drug Fentanyl. With the help of other community organizations, once again APAD continues the good fight for drug prevention.    


We need your help today. Your monetary contribution can help make our communities safe again.   

Ways to Make a Change

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Tel: 616-217-4441

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